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The PSF believes in investing in our teachers and students through educational programs, grants and partnerships that can help uplift the overall quality of education in the Philippines.

Gabay Guro (Guide Teachers) Program

In wholehearted support of the Department of Education’s goal of improving the quality of education, PLDT-Smart Foundation in coordination with the PLDT Managers Club Inc. (MCI) to create a program to foster professional development among Filipino teachers.

The Gabay Guro Program manifests teacher support in a host of projects, foremost of which is providing scholarship grants to deserving students taking up Bachelor of Science in Education.  After graduation, scholars are required to exercise their noble profession within the Philippines for a number of years. As of August 2012, Gabay Guro have given 527 scholarship grants, and already produced 67 graduates.

Teacher’s Training is likewise an ongoing endeavor.  Gabay Guro’s Training Team offers various training modules.  Among others are English Proficiency Training, Computer Enrichment Program, and the Teachers Treasure Chest Training, aims to rekindle the passion to teach.  In the past year, 8,311 teachers benefited from these various trainings.

Another Gabay Guro’s projects is Computerization and Broadbanding of schools to further education with the help of technology.  Even remote campuses deserve a chance to learn with them.  For 2011, Gabay Guro gave away 19 SmartBro dongle units to Lyceum de Camiguin, Babuyan Islands to provide them connectivity and access to internet.  Gabay Guro also donated brand new computers and a computer laboratory to various schools in the country.

The wellbeing of every teacher is taken into account.  That’s why training programs usually come with Livelihood Seminars that update our educators on options available to them.  This includes a housing project in Daet that Gabay Guro is carrying out in coordination with the Department of Education’s Project Shelter.  A total of 150 teachers are meant to benefit from that housing project while new housing sites are currently on the shortlist for the following cycle.  On September 2012, Gabay Guro donated 4 classrooms to public schools in Cordova, Cebu.

Last but not the least, a deep appreciation for teachers and their contribution to nation building is underlined by Teacher Tributes that have become an integral part to Gabay Guro.  It comes in the form of Tribute Cards, of which over 10,000 have been distributed to give teachers access to discounts from several Gabay Guro partners.  Last year’s revelry was an entire Teachers Week Celebration that included trainings, experience to be studio audience, and dinner with PSF Chairman, Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan.  And as a matter of tradition, the culminating activity to give tribute to teachers during week is the LIVE and LOUD Concert!


Dynamic Learning Program

With the PLDT-Smart Foundation, Inc. (PSF) and Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) as the lead Program implementers, the CVIF- Dynamic Learning Program was developed by 2010 Ramon Magsaysay Awardees and internationally renowned and published theoretical physicists, doctors Christopher and M. Victoria Carpio-Bernido.

The CVIF- Dynamic Learning Program is a framework for teaching that develops a child to become an independent learner to significantly improve his or her academic performance despite the multiple socioeconomic constraints (lack of books, qualified teachers, classrooms, equipment) plaguing the country’s educational system. Using the prescribed curriculum of the Department of Education, a high school student develops to his or her fullest potential even without any homework, with academic days only four (4) times a week & an equivalent to only one (1) period a week contact time with the teacher. The program is currently being implemented in more than 200 public and private high schools in Bohol and Basilan provinces, and Cagayan De Oro and Lamitan Cities. Further details may be seen in its website: www.dlp.ph.

Positive results of the CVIF-DLP include the schools’ increase of passers of the UP College Admissions Test and other entrance exams of colleges and universities, and the gradual increase in DepEd annual standardized exams. Also evident is the felt greater accountability of and cooperation among teachers, and the developed responsibility and discipline among students. It is likewise noteworthy that despite Typhoon Sendong’s ravaging of schools in the program’s pilot implementation in CDO City, the students still got a highly significant learning gain in all 3 subjects (Science, English and Math) in all year levels, based on the testing conducted by the Center for Educational Measurement.


PSF Educational Grants

Deserving dependents of PLDT and SMART (supervisor/rank and file) employees are given financial assistance under the Employees Educational Grant (EEG) and MVP Academic Excellence Award (MVPAEA).  The EEG/MVPAEA is not a scholarship program but a one-time grant which allows the parents of the grantee to use the grant to augment tuition fees, and purchase books and school supplies as they may deem fit. 


PNP Educational Grants

For the last four (4) years PSF donated Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (P2.5M) worth of scholarships to children of Philippine National Police (PNP) officers who were killed or injured while on duty.