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PROJECT PAGSULONG 30 Semi-Finalist Teams

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By Team Pi

Metro Manila | Manufacturing

Studying how solid waste from meat establishments poses environmental problems, Team Pi found out that the main sources of wastes for meat establishments are stockyards, packinghouses, processing areas and slaughterhouses of hogs, cows and chickens. This motivated Team Pi to come up with Sticks & Feathers Packaging, Inc. It is a proposed recycling plant that produces packaging materials made out of pulp from used bamboo skewers – more commonly known as barbecue and fish ball sticks – used papers, and chicken feathers. It will be a social enterprise that will tie-up with street vendors as well as local government to reduce the garbage produced in the city. The main recycling plant is initially suggested to be in Pandi, Bulacan where majority of the poultry farms are located and the primary output will be initially offered to different manufacturing companies located in the Greater Manila Area.


By MediHubbies

Camarines Sur | Health & Wellness

Combining the members’ professional expertise on medicine, architecture, and engineering, MediHub Asia aims to promote and produce sustainable and low-cost medical equipment that will benefit underprivileged communities, clinics and hospitals with the use of alternative and sustainable materials to replace nonrenewable means. Articulating this vision will be through their first product – a bamboo wheelchair consists mainly of lightweight and cheap bamboos bought from Philippine local markets, which can be foldable, portable and convertible to a bed.


By JHANS: Cordillera Night Crawlers Team

Benguet | Agriculture

With most of its residents depending on agriculture, Benguet is faced by the consequences of conventional farming like soil depletion, air pollution and agricultural waste. To address these problems is to shift from conventional to organic farming and JHANS is proposing a vermicast fertilizer, using vermicomposting worms, as a substitute for commercial fertilizers. This will not only help address current agricultural problems, but at the same time, diversify the agricultural livelihood by providing alternative jobs to community members to produce vermicast fertilizers.


By Stepping Stones

Cavite | Manufacturing

Composed of entrepreneurship students, Stepping Stones aims to uplift the living conditions of persons with disabilities by giving them opportunities for employment.  Using water lily assortment and other indigenous materials and industrial scraps, Stepping Stones will create PAAndar, a line of footwear that promotes environment through its materials and culture through its design aesthetics.


By Agri-EntrePINOYS

Leyte | Agriculture

The young Agri-EntrePINOYS of Leyte aims to establish the cottage industry that will produce vermicompost fertilizers from the biodegradable food waste of various community members. Intended to provide economic prosperity to the farmers, ecological preservations for the farms and food security for the families, Agri-EntrePINOYS intends to set-up the cottage industry in Albuera, Leyte’s 13th poorest municipality, engaging out-of-school youth and unemployed women. Vermicompost fertilizers will be initially distributed to Ormoc and Baybay that are both large agricultural lands with high soil infertility due inorganic fertilizers.


By Advocates to a Healthy Nation

Zamboanga del Sur | Manufacturing

 The medical students of Ateneo de Zamboanga School of Medicine wanted to be real Advocates to a Healthy Nation by addressing the critical issue of malnutrition in Diplahan, Zamboanga Sibugay. Through Super Nutri Pack, a healthy alternative for commercial chips and junk foods produced from a communal garden of malunggay, squash and other vegetables; the Advocates to a Healthy Nation aim to reduce the prevalence of undernourished children of Diplahan, starting with its 5 barangays – Natan, Paradise, Songcuya, Pilar and Gaulan.

 7. AGOS


Metro Manila | Aquaculture

The problem of the urban poor against the fight for malnutrition is that they neither have the land area for agriculture nor enough purchasing power to acquire proper and nutritious food. AGOS aims to address this with the use of an aquaponics system to provide households with a sustainable source of nutrition. It is a hybrid food production system, combining aquaculture and agriculture through the use of hydroponic methods. This gives the family a source of protein, in the form of fish, and essential vitamins from the grown vegetables.



Metro Manila | Communications

Harnessing the full potential of cellular phone and technology, HYPERJADE wants to bridge the communication gap between the community and their local government.  Acknowledging that SMS is a more ubiquitous and accessible technology than internet, Project Pindot provides platforms that will engage residents with community and government events through Barangay Report; empower communities with crucial time-sensitive information on flood warnings, traffic disruptions and class or work suspension through Txtulong; and provide opportunities and other engagements to the communities from local business and organizations through Bayanunsyo.



By Baghusktic

Laguna | Manufacturing

Baghusktic is a small-scale production company focusing on manufacturing raw material for disposable eating utensils located within UP Los Baños with outsourced production line. Emphasis on agricultural wastes, specifically sugarcane bagasse and coconut husk as raw materials for producing plastic pellet, is the target of Baghusktic. It is an enterprise which stresses on creating biodegradable plastic pellets that when molded into well-designed and polished eating utensils can be thrown directly to biodegradable-labeled bins, removing the additional effort of waste segregation.



By Power Builders

Leyte | Construction

In Jiabong, Samar wherein tahong farming is the main livelihood, the farming activity not only produces marketable products but also excessive waste in the form of shells. To address the proper utilization and disposal of these shells, Power Builders is going on green construction in making mussels shells the raw materials for the production of stronger and lighter hollow blocks called Power Mussels. Not only will it save left and unused mussels shells, but it will also minimize farmer’s loss when red tide strikes tahong farming by buying contaminated mussels from the farmers at the most reasonable price possible.


By Bahay Kubo Organics

Metro Manila | Agriculture

Bahay Kubo Organics seeks to provide solutions to environmental degradation partially contributed by traditional farming that produces waste, disruption of food supply caused by weather volatility, lack of nutrition and limited livelihood opportunities. It uses aquaponics farming system that will bring communities together at the center of the growing and selling processes, generating a framework for business and wealth for the community while providing nutritional benefits by growing organic produce like fish, fruits and vegetables.


By Team K.K.K.

Rizal | Manufacturing

One of the realities faced by the marginalized sector is the expensive average cost of burial. Initially targeted to pre-identified communities based in Luzon who are predominantly Catholic and adhere to the protocols of Christian burial despite its high cost, Kabayan Kabaong Para sa Kalikasan aims to provide inexpensive coffins which are well-designed and indistinguishable from wooden caskets in quality and appearance. These coffins will be produced from very cost-efficient and minimal profit processes that up-cycle outdated phonebooks as primary material with coco lumber, chicken wire, and remnant fabrics.


By Soil&Sun Team

Metro Manila | Agriculture

As Gawad Kalinga volunteers, Soil&Sun Team believes that poverty can be solved in the Philippines by the year 2024. Partnering with Enchanted Farm, the social business incubator of Gawad Kalinga; Soil& Sun is an industry and not just as a livelihood project that focuses on becoming a main supplier of essential oils for Human Nature. It will also extend the concept of oil extraction in several provinces according to the current growing crops in regions for the next five years.


By Springboard

Metro Manila | Finance

Poverty comes in many forms: physical, intellectual, spiritual and social. To address these problems, non-profit organizations have emerged in different struggling sectors of society but most lack resources to fully make an impact. The willingness, intent and resources to help are there but there is no way to bring them all together.  Thus, Springboard developed Just DIVE In, the ultimate crowd funding website of fundraisers and volunteers dedicated to helping Philippine-based non-profit organizations that provides an online platform acting as springboard for users to DIVE – Donate, Initiate, Volunteer, Empower. Acting as a digital catalyst, it aims to highlight the Bayanihan spirit inherent in every Filipino.


By Aeteam (Aeta Team)

Bataan | Agriculture

Immersed in an Aeta community in the mountains of Limay, Bataan, Aeta Team was privileged to be introduced to a grain called batag that looks like wheat and tastes like popcorn when cooked. The Aeteam saw the untapped potential of batag as a commercial product. It will not only provide income and access necessities for the Aeta community; but at the same time, improve their community through proper education, social acceptance in the common society and trade industry while preserving their cultural food practice. Aeteam aims to raise the Filipino nation from poverty, one community at a time, starting with the one who first ploughed our lands for us, the Aeta community.


By Team Singko

Metro Manila | Finance

Believing that the most practical and pragmatic solution to current social problems is through the empowerment of the institutions that have built themselves for the accomplishment of the goals, Team Singko developed a platform that instead of acquiring funding internally with their business, will capitalize on the funding that can be acquired externally. singko.ph is a social crowd-funding site that leverages on SMS and cloud technologies for social good projects, serving as an integrator between groups that need funding to execute on their socially inclined projects and citizens that are willing to towards national betterment. The first prototype application is featured on its 5S framework – Set-up, Speak, See, Support, Share – that will engage its two customer segments – the NGO and the Crowd – in a win-win value exchange.


By Mama’s Boys

Metro Manila | Agriculture

The Mama’s Boys want to give opportunities to mothers in the low-income areas to more generatively sustain their urban living through environmentally friendly and nutritious entrepreneurial venture. Home-Grown Goodness resolves around the production of vegetable and vegetable food products like salads, salsas and pickles with the produce coming mainly from the backyard of the seller through the construction, use and maintenance of hydroponics system. This system will allow the construction of household gardens for food production. Mothers will manage these household urban farms after undergoing skills training on urban garden maintenance, hydroponics use, and courses on vegetable production, processing and packaging.


By Virtual Charryty

Metro Manila | Communications

With the implementation of K to 12 Program of the Department of Education, the additional two years of education is a serious economical concern among parents of the marginalized sector. To support the transition of less fortunate but qualified students from junior high school to senior high school, an annual financial assistance will be provided to deserving but underprivileged students. The Next Lap, an online Bayanihan Community, which will develop a professional networking website from an initial recruitment website, will combine in-house employees and freelancers under revenue-sharing scheme alongside volunteers, jobseekers, employers, business owners and students.



Laguna | Agriculture

Created by members of Buklod-UPLB, AgriHUB starts with the establishment of a ‘produce exchange’ wherein information about the prevailing farm prices of contact farms and the transportation cost will be made available. In the long run, it aims to execute the project on a nation level where in AgriHUB will enable cities in the north to sources it needs in the south and vice-versa. This will be followed by the foundation of a training center, post-harvest facilities, agricultural supplies and machine shop in strategic locations to help farmers improve their skills and encourage them to produce competitive agricultural yield.


By Villa Socorro Farm

Metro Manila | Manufacturing

Villa Socorro Farm wants low-income Filipino families to eat a decent meal three times a day. Thus, it created cheap yet nutritive meal that can get Totoy by the day.  It offers two products; namely the Souprice, a soupy meal with rice at Php 14.50 per pack good for 4-5 people and Let’s All Rice, a rice-based ready-to-cook meal at Php 22.50 per pack good for 4-5 people. Souprice offers Bulalo ni Lolo and Sinigang ni Inang while Let’s All Rice offers Chicken Arroz Caldo Kumpleto and Champorado Kumpleto. Having every Totoy with a filled stomach helps maximize productivity.


By Team Fidelis

Metro Manila | Wholesale

Team Fidelis wanted to address the merciless plight of garbage scavengers and the upcoming problems of small business that will be affected by the good shift in Philippine laws, which will ban the use of plastic bags. Through [REC]-nnovate Concepts, Team Fidelis will partner with establishments to give their consumers two options: a monthly subscription group that will allow them to access recycled shopping bags or purchase bags outright which are manufactured from recyclable garbage material sourced from Catmon Partner Community in Malabon, Metro Manila. These bags will come in different sizes from different materials – big bags from water PET bottles and medium and small bags from recycled plastics, cloth or paper.


By Arozzeta Team

Leyte | Agriculture

As children of Leyte, Arozzeta Team is fully aware of the agricultural strength of Leyte. Taking advantage of the agricultural nature and the favorable type-B climate of the land, Arozzeta Team came up with Hacienda Arozzeta to be situated in Brgy. Abaca, Dagami, Leyte. It is a mushroom farm that will utilize the traditional outdoor method using bed-type approach and a number of agricultural wastes like dried paddy straw, rice stubbles, water lily, banana leaves and stalks. With the use of these materials, Hacienda Arozzeta will cultivate three kinds of mushroom – straw, oyster and common mushrooms. It will create revenues by supplying mushrooms to hotels, restaurants, mall and other establishments in nearby towns and cities in Tacloban City. Once the harvest becomes stable, it can venture into supplying other regions such as NCR where there is an obvious growing demand for mushrooms.


By Eco-lights

Leyte | Manufacturing

In recent years, Brgy. Culasian in Capoocan, Leyte had suffered the consequences of two prevalent means of livelihood – illegal fishing and extensive logging for firewood productions. Most families who were engaged into these means were left without any source of income. Eco-Lights wanted to provide an alternative livelihood that will not only provide income to the jobless and out-of-school youth but will also save the ailing seas and denuded forests. Inspired by the Waray term lantawan which means lighthouse, Lantawan Econcepts proposes handmade paper-making and incorporating it to home decorations such as lamps, lanterns and ornaments. This will also serve as a platform for educating the communities of the importance of respecting and preserving the environment.



By Ninetynine

Oriental Mindoro | Agriculture

As a way of giving back to their beloved Oriental Mindoro, Ninetynine wanted to address rural poverty and vulnerability, specifically the access of market issues of rural agricultural producers such as lakeside fisher folks of the communities surrounding the Naujan Lake, the natural habitat of biya. Through Project Biya, Ninetynine will build collective capacities of small-scale lakeside fisher folks and enterprises while protecting and managing the lake’s natural resources, shifting to more appropriate and strategic production and marketing schemes to products like dried biya. It will create a platform for organizing producers and entrepreneurs into a collective community, which shall eventually own the brand, innovative marketing solution and capacities.


By Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes (AIHO)

Metro Manila | Health & Wellness

In a decentralized health care system with varying local conditions set in different political, economical and social changes that resulted to inequality and unaddressed health challenges; four medical doctors formed the Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes to link health professionals to available and untapped services for a stronger and equitable health system through CareersForHealth.ph. It is a website that is built on a systems-perspective to increase awareness of the possible roles and opportunities available to graduates of medicine, within the wider context of health development. It will find them find jobs but at the same, create jobs for them through its job categorization and career guidance.



Metro Manila | Communications

Project: Likha-Tulay aims to address the social issue of unemployment by maximizing the potential of technology – the web, social networking sites, and new media forms – by giving the Filipino skills an audience – the world. It is an interactive and mobile site, which has an online job portal for the unschooled but highly skilled Filipino and a gallery to showcase authentic Filipino-made merchandise from al over the country. The online job portal will be made possible by an automated matchmaking process between skills offered by an individual and demanded by institutions, regardless of educational attainment and the demands of various business entities.


By TayoPH.org

Metro Manila | Health & Wellness

A team of MD-MBA students from the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, TayoPH.org aims to build on the potential of Filipino innovators, to rise as an empowering platform for the youth of the country and to come together as one nation united in an effort to conquer poverty through health. A crowd-funding platform tailored for the Philippines taking advantage of the strides made in Philippine telecommunications, it will not only accept PayPal/credit card payments and bank deposits, but also give anyone the opportunity to invest via mobile payment scheme. Giving anyone from anywhere a capacity to help a Filipino. It will engage not only those with entrepreneurial and innovative spirits; but also, the new generation of investors like health-related companies as corporate partners.


By The Byaheros

Metro Manila | Education

Byaheng Bayani Tours and Travel aims to provide socially responsible tours and activity packages for travelers who are looking to expand their social, environmental and cultural awareness and those who seek to see the real Philippines and be immersed in the community. It emphasizes ‘field’ in field trips by organizing pocket activities that involves cultural immersion, community interaction and promotion of Bayanihan spirit where young people from the Philippines and Asia can participate in volunteer activities like GK Bayani Build, Save the Ifugao Terraces, Habitat for Humanity. It will also engage a variety of stakeholders such as local community organizations, NGOs, schools, government agencies, youth organizations to gain support and buy-in for the program.


By The Spark Project

Misamis Occidental | Finance

The Spark Project aims to showcase Filipino talent and ingenuity by giving them access to an online crowd-funding platform where they can campaign to fund their creative, innovative and passion-drive projects. This platform can be used by artists in helping promote Filipino culture, educators in providing better education for their students, innovators in launching new products, advocates in gaining support for their causes, organizations in mobilizing relief operations, and the youth in empowering others towards social change.



Metro Manila | Communications

Aimed to decrease unemployment, help those with minimum to insufficient wage, and address issues on hiring, skills and cost; Mga Alagad ni Andres put up Proyekto ni Andres, a website to crowd jobs made available for Filipinos from temporary and contractual jobs to in-demand jobs.