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Message from the Chairman

Thank you for visiting the PLDT-Smart Foundation website.

Founded in 1994, the PLDT-Smart Foundation is one of the major philanthropic institutions in the Philippines.  The Foundation is an undertaking by Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) - the leading fixed line, wireless and information and communications technology companies in the country.

As a Foundation, we realize that the Philippines faces many problems.  We understand that we do not have infinite resources.  Nor do we have all the answers to our many problems.

But we are determined to make an impact on the lives of as many Filipinos as possible with the resources we do have.  No matter how daunting or intractable an issue may appear, we are optimistic that solutions can be found and that Filipinos, working together, can craft them.

We have decided to focus on a number of key areas – education, livelihood and social entreprise, disaster response and recovery, youth and arts, and  sports development.  Wherever possible, we try to partner with institutions with expertise in each area.  We work closely with the Public Affairs and Community Relations arms of PLDT and Smart to leverage our giving. 

In our hearts and with every fiber in our being, we believe in the Philippines.  We believe in investing in our people and communities.  We believe in our ability to solve our own problems.  At times, it may seem easier to give up and retreat into complacency.  But each time we look around us and see our fellow Filipinos hungry, poor or in need of help, we know we have to persevere.

We cannot do it alone.  We welcome your assistance.  We welcome your interest.  We promise you that we will always work for the benefit and welfare of the Filipino nation.


Manuel V. Pangilinan
Chairman, PLDT-Smart Foundation Inc.